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Stop running....your life is short...enjoy your life...enjoy the fresh flowers...enjoy the wind that blows in your hair...enjoy the raindrops in your face...enjoy small things everyday..stop living in the past...stop living in the future...ENJOY LIFE... I like walking in the rain,the feeling of raindrops in my face. I like the feeling of grass under my bare feet I like honest people and people who say what they think instead being quiet. I like home. I like to walk , bike , sit on a cafe watching people. I am interested in other cultures and religions and other languages. I do not make promises if i cant make them. I dont buy things if i dont need them. I dont like rude people and people who complains all the time about something. I like music, photography, art and design and music and nature and sea and....so much more. I also got earrings in both ear but i only like woman I am openhearted and a very good listener.. ....and i like being me...and i am friendly to speak to so please write a letter if you like.

Looking for a Woman between 28 and 47 years.

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