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here it goes my name is naftali somehow I chose pappadilim
I am a tall,graceful,basketball player with a slim figure complimenting my chocolate complexion and good facial looks,simple, authentic with a compelling personality, very humble ,overly neat and clean,extremely talented (multi-talented) with a tireless work ethic,well educated and well behaved with a positive outlook ,very respectful,very loyal,I'm a proud Catholic,I'm not the judging type,highly versatile,very healthy,athletic,solid and dependable,with no flair for drama, very confidential and can keep a secret, good,very confident balanced with humility im known to keep my promises,fluent talker and a good conversationist with a manly voice to match,intake good care of my self,a pure bread with impeccable pedigree from a good parentage blessed with stately beauty and stately brawn

I am a former model,am a basketball shooting guard,former american football wide receiver, I play soccer for fun ,I write plays,do sign writing, I am a jump rope fitness trainer ( I'm a semi- retired member of Kenya jump rope)I am in Kenya scouts, a fine artist,furniture design ,I major in interior, design and minored in product design my undergraduate studies. I'm a freelance interior and product designer. The perfect mix of attractive and talent

I prefer open relationships and I do not have any specific types I have no problem with age any body type ( big ,small,medium, unathletic,athletic bbw etc) age doesn't matter(young or old)not that over on looks i have no issue if you have kids (blessings from God),I have no problem with tomboys or relationship status,half females but PLEASE NO MEN,im not the judging type I am a free spirit and I believe in anarchy and i have no problem being your toy as long as your drama free and your clear on what you expect im very occupied please dont be another fight i have to win im very open and accessible my pictures are very recent
I believe life should be fun
i am very confident I can make it feel and look better providing the highest calibers of companionship
I am good looking as heaven and you cant teach that
kindly I might take some time before I reply or answer your messages I will explain {i'm nursing an injury i picked up} when I get back to you but if your confident enough inbox your contacts.

Looking for a Woman between 20 and 65 years.

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