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Falling in love you is easy, but loving you is beuatiful! Hugging you is nice, but holding you is heavenly! Kissing you is perfect, but having you is indescribable! And now, to my dreams, i tell the most beautiful love story ever told. it’s a love story, of a boy and a girl, that share the most valuable gift that destiny offers. He gave her his heart for with love she shall fill it and with his love he embraced her just feel the warmth of her lips on his own. My love, for you are the reason i live and for your love i breathe, your lips are what i am searching for, and because of them love songs i write. In the lyrics i embed the greatest feelings i posses. Now spread your arms, because the words and hug those words because they’re honest and love them because i love them, love them because i love you! The most beautiful words i now can tell are the words I love YOU

Looking for a Woman between 18 and 42 years.

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