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I am a happy, kind hearted, trusting lady. I have a great group of family and friends I am blessed and grateful to have. I love to have fun in many ways, cooking/sharing a dinner,movies, working in my yard, words with friends, reading, nights out and in.

I grew up in Mahwah, New Jersey, came to kenia a year ago... I still love this place, and my kid started school here. I could stay here forever.
A few things that describe me pretty well, easygoing, silly, loyal, great friend, smiles easily and often. Deep down I believe we all want the same thing - someone who will truly love us for who we are, being able to talk to someone with ease -not having to force a conversation or try and 'be' who you think the other person wants.

One thing I am not is a controller. My life is sweet and full and will be only more with a wonderful person.

Looking for a Man between 25 and 41 years.

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