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.For those in Nairobi
Am a gentleman. I take things slowly. both romantically n relationshpwise.
Good for frnshp. I judge less n i respect everybdy. Am nt here for love things am here purely for solving dryspell related issues . Nothing more nothing less.
Mmm thinking of hw i will wet u n lick u clit ...
Mmm Already thinking how i wld push u to the wall n make u face it. Kiss ua neck softly , Rub ua twins n twist ua nipples , n then i push ua wet gstring a side , caress btn thighs up n down n rub your clit till u cum . Then wrap ua legs together n jst penetrate my dick into u Then f**k ua wet pussy .. till it get satisfied meet me fb ...

Looking for a Woman between 21 and 55 years.

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