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Hello ladies! . I'm very easygoing as long as you're honest, kind and loyal. I'm very open minded to anything but lies. My main hobby is working out in the gym almost every day and long distance running. I'm also a song writer for some underground skinhead bands, but I sometimes write love songs too, silly love songs. if u are bisexual i will make love only to you with the other woman, not her! or u can be alone with her. if u want sex with other men just tell me and you can, but u cannot sleep with any man but me. finally, i don't care what u do there or what u want to do to make money before or after marriage but just always be honest to me. actually, it would be exciting to marry a bargirl or freelancer. i'm not judgemental, very understanding, and will accept you 100% if you are honest, kind and loving to me. I'm looking for a young woman who's ready for an erotic adventure and willing to live anywhere. I NEED SOMEONE WHO IS FREE TO DO ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME ..... I'm divorced with no kids and totally free to start a new family. PLAYERS BEWARE!! i've been played before and i've heard the most incredible lies so don't even try! i had what i thought was a serious gf there for 4 years.... Ladyboys or gays please don't waste our time by posting pics of real women!! The men here are looking for real women, not men. Just be real here or join a gay website.

Looking for a Woman between 18 and 30 years.

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