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I like to read, watch movies during rainy or snowy days, curl up on the sofa and just cuddle and have a conversation about whatever topics arise. In my free time, I like to play hard whether itÂ’s going boating on the water, playing a round of golf, touch football, or just going away for a long weekend. I love to travel and enjoy the islands in the winter with the beautiful blue/white water and sitting in the sun while enjoying frozen drinks on the beach. Putting my arm around the woman of my dreamÂ’s shoulder while we watch the sunset makes the picture complete. I enjoy dressing to the nines to go out for some fine dining or just throwing on a pair of jeans and grabbing a burger. Nothing is ever complicated with me! I have a super group of friends that go back to my school days and we enjoy reminiscing over old times and talking about new things going on in our lives. I like meeting new people, watching sports and learning as much as I can each and every day. This world is a big book and I want to read as many chapters as I can!I am looking for someone that has the same attitude toward life and has characteristics similar to my own. She is a very kind person, warm, caring, sensitive, and has a romantic side that will still be there even after we have been together for a while. She is someone that loves to cuddle, hold hands and just look into the other personÂ’s eyes and know what they are thinking. I am looking for a sweet, outgoing and attractive woman that likes to travel and enjoys life. I think the greatest happiness in life is to love and be loved. I am a great guy that has a lot to offer and I hope you will take the time to find out...thank you for stopping by and I hope youÂ’re the one!

Looking for a Woman between 18 and 80 years.

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