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To begin with, i am a recovering drug addict , so yeah! neither do i drink nor smoke, slender love reading and cooking, investor.. cryptocurrency broker, my wallet address: and not in here for anything serious just intimate...and investors too, let's kiss till we are naked and let me cunnilingus you baibe, .would like to make you squirt,woun't you like to cum??how does it feel?? Let me make you quiver baibe..big tits turn me on so don't come in here with that oily cleavage open and expect me to act normal..please don't coz amma imagine suckin' em till they hard pointed and breathing in between ooh!!too much makeup turns me off,i am a chess addict so if you are too... we are perfect match..ooh! I am not tall "5'4" so if looking for tall guys, keep browsing.

Looking for a Woman between 19 and 55 years.

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