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From Toronto looking for African romance 101 or threesome no strings attached..funny..naughty..curious..adven turous..NOT stupid..

send me pictures of your cock and body or i won't reply.. it's not because i like cock and naked body photos.. it's because i want to evaluate before meeting up...we don't have to wait until we get naked to see what we got ourselves into.. you can view my pics here anytime you want... after you send me yours and i like what i see, we'll meet in a public place (then we go to my place -everything is on me- or a hotel room -split 50:50-).. if you've sent me fake photos, i'll immediately know when we meet... think of the whole thing as cutting the loss and securing the investment.

If any of the conditions below applies to you, don't bother:

1. breasts.
2. chicken legs.
3. tummy pouch.
4. small cock.
5. i prefer athletic bodies but if you have a huge cock, a fit body is fine.
6. if you're not flexible (we will try some positions that require flexible bodies).
7. if you get leg cramps.
8. if you have a per-ejaculation problem (or any problem controlling your cumming)
9. if you haven't had sex for some time.
10. if you have a problem being in submissive positions (yeah i'm planning to mount you in every way possible).

if you're too self-conscious about your cock or not proud of it, you definitely don't know how to use it to please a woman. So far, i've had mind blowing sex with 3 members. Are you going to be #4.

Looking for a Man between 18 and 81 years.

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