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I am a humble, honest,straightforward and a God-fearing guy..I am the living proof that not all men are bad as most tend to believe. Welcome 2 my life angel n u will never regret meeting me.. I DONT ENTERTAIN DRINKING LADIES WHETHER SOCIALLY OR NOT... DRINKING IS DRINKING..I HATE IT..SO DON'T MAKE IT SOUND GOOD. Feel interested? contact me as follows (reason out what's been substituted in the address)...haronrothrockatgmehilldotkom.......

only a smart person can figure out omitted letter n a substituted symbol in that address...IF U CAN'T KEEP A PROMISE THEN DON'T MAKE ONE coz as for me I don't make promises I don't intend to keep.That's me in brief

Looking for a Woman between 22 and 29 years.

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