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I start every single morning with a breakfast. Then I go to my computer.

In my spare time I put on a skin-tight moth costume. I don't have many superpowers, but I have the Mothmobile and a young male sidekick who likes to dress in pantyhose and call me "sweetheart". My archnemesis is called "The Poker" and his evil plots mostly center around cheating in online card games.

I can also write great poetry. Wanna see?

"Peach, you fucking rule,
Peach, you fucking rock.
Peach get down on me
'n polish my knob."

9/11 wasn't actually a terrorist attack [kidding!].

That mentioned you might already know why I don't dig bullshit applications.

Because you want to know more about me you can read my biography.

Looking for a Man between 24 and 25 years.

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