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I am a really nice guy with a fun side. A loyal, caring and honest person and worthy of your trust. Usually I am shy, yet with the right person I can be an extrovert. Hope you like a guy with a sharp and witty sense of humor who enjoys comedy, movies, music, using his imagination and traveling.. I love photography and take many photos. I read, play games, study, and Electrical design. Where it is not a member of the Freelancer My hobbies and Interests are: Traveling. Photography Movies Exploring new places Please Lady's Please! Dont send me a message without a photo or if you are out. messages that say Hi or Hello or simply Hi How are you? are immediately deleted. Please be creative and WOW me!!!! Make me want to know you more. make it so I cannot get you out of my thoughts and dreams. Thank you for taking time to read my profile. I hope we can know each other more and meet IN PERSON soon. good luck,good health and thank you again for taking the time to visit me.

Looking for a Woman between 36 and 42 years.

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