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For you, I make a promise of fidelity
Now and for eternity
No one could replace this love
For you, I take your hand and heart and everything
And add to them a wedding ring
'Cause this life is no good alone
Since we've become one you're all I know
If this feeling should leave I'd die
And here's why all I am is for you.....

I don't need someone mature to stop my immaturity. what i need is someone who can ride on my immaturity and maturely understands me, after all am a human being and i'm not perfect nor am i looking for perfect....... i am seeking to find a woman/lady who is interested in a serious long-term relationship leading to marriage. send a message to say hi or if you want to know more.

tuirra mrefu_ke

Looking for a Woman between 23 and 42 years.

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