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I'm a God(Yahweh/Yaheh(YHWH)/Jehovah)-fearing, humble, calm, romantic, empathetic, listening,loving-kind, non-selfish, respecting and caring person. I love to love His Most Majesty King Yahweh Almigty/Jehovah and my neighbours(those who need me whether near or far). I hate to hurt others verbally and through actions. I also hate to take advantage and misuse others. I also have plans to help others in need especially the poor, homeless, lame and mentally ill living and some begging in the streets, in the nearbly future, since there is more happiness in giving than receiving, by founding "His Most Majesty King Yahweh's Home for The Homeless" with branches in many places hopefully worldwide each with its own Primary school, Secondary school and College ,for them, each depending on Private Companies(selling goods,services and inventions) and staffed by those able to work on a part-time contract jobs basis, from among those benefiting thus no school fees will need to be paid by them or any need for donations. And many other such things.
Some time ago, His Most Majesty King Yahweh blessed me and I graduated from Nyeri High School with an A (plain) at KCSE. Currently, I'm a student of BSc in Electrical, Electronic & Computer Engineering at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology(JKUAT),Juja Main Campus, Juja, Kenya. I thus love Electrical, Electronic & Computer Engineering, Computers, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence(AI) & Machine learning & AI-based robotics, Aeronautical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry,Biology, History, Mathematics, Profitable Agriculture and Education
Also I love Music(e.g.Backstreet Boys, Westlife,Ace of Base,Celine Dion,Shania Twinn,Gloria Estafan and such), Poetry & Keyboard playing and training,movie watching,Studying the Truth from the Bible, and Technology alot. I also like studying animals and their intelligence and other adaptations given to them by His Most Majesty King Yahweh(YWHW) at creation.
I wish to find a kind, empathetic, humble, selfless, generous etc girl.

Looking for a Woman between 20 and 36 years.

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