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Those who want to get wet need no umbrella, isn't that true? Am yet to meet any woman who objects to getting wet from showers of love. And every smart gal prefers a man who is good on his own and also good with and around her.
You want that kind of man pretty, don't you?

And isn't the first stab of love a bit like sunshine and nourishing rain together? Like sunshower. Warm and a little wet. I don't know about you but for me warm and wet are words and things I like. Who doesn't? Could you be the last and only woman to touch me wherever and whenever she desires? I am fun, perceptive and gentle. My son is 5 and currently outside of Kenya.

Plus, am not one of those wise-ass guys who is going to say your beauty doesn't lie between your thighs. I say it's a free world. You must have liberty to cherish and enjoy every moment of whatever makes you feel gorgeous. Is it your sweet lips or pretty eyes or charming and quick smile or dripping good curves? Unapologetically wear it for it can definitely improve your chances of you getting what you want.

Looking for a Woman between 25 and 50 years.

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