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I love myself. Am ambitious with hope of growing to be independent as a lady. Am a graduate with a bachelors degree in Agricultural economics, am currently doing farming on fulltime basis.

I have been in a relationship previously that lasted for Six years b4 it ended,... Am looking for a partner who is a strong fighter, a keeper and goal oriented person not by words but by actions.

On looks,I am more attracted to lighterchocolate men as opposed to dark men.The body should be more athletic and abit tall.

Point to note is I do not like skinny or men with big tummys,more to it, I prefer clean hygienic men who love themself enough to know the value of cleanliness.

Two things that put me off almost immediately is bad breath and stinking body odour.
Am also more attracted to men who are stylish dressers but still consider maturity in how they dress.

I am a simple woman working towards achieving my dreams but still hoping to find love and to grow in it to marriage. I would thus prefer a man with the same ambition and not one who is looking for a partner to play intimate games with.

Being 25 am into more serious things in life, and more serious people.

Looking for a Man between 26 and 35 years.

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