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well,much to say but i guess the best thing i would put out there for now is that i like socializing and i am not afraid to try a guy who pretty much doesn't give a hoot what others say or think of me and when I want something I go get it, call me a go-getter.halla at me and i promise to make it worth your time. I also draw and that's what keeps me going, I draw women cause Im a man who appreciates the finer things in life,don care much about money so long as am alive.I want a woman who cares not about my age nor money but one who will be there for me even when the going gets tough,I also do not bail out on my woman-me for her and her for me.
well the rest basically is as far as the tale goes..,tall(so to speak), dark (but medium), funny, charming i surpose and an outdoor type of guy.

Looking for a Woman between 18 and 37 years.

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