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Hello ladies,
Am Sidney(some story on the username), am adventurous though reserved too depending, a healthy chap who's tall and dark, fan of board &card games, creative_artistic &hands on, super wild and freaky with some1 am comfy with, a good listener, enjoy recipe tryouts &thats just the shallow end..

i value adventure, autonomy, privacy and generally a good time.

I prefer someone older than i am, thats just me &my prefference. Am open minded though. Want to nurture some practical, fun &engaging mature love with you. Honesty is key. Would like to meet someone who can keep up with my high energy and lbdo. Am up to some steamy $#£%@* as long as you bring it on.

Drop your email in my inbox and i'll get in touch. Am not subscribed so my responses(winks &dms) will be limited or null completely. Have applied some creativity, you'll get the cue when you see it.

Am a lovebug. Am sure of some unforgetable fireworks &memories if you out here.

Ohh, yeah!! Am a scorpio.
And i loove anything pasta.

Looking for a Woman between 25 and 60 years.

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