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I am truly amazed at the beauty i see displayed here by kenyan women, most importantly the way you express yourselves with boldness and confidence. The young, the matured all elegantly pretty, you can surely hold your own among the prettiest in the world, and I am not trying to flatter anyone for anything, don't need to. Without a doubt, i am surely in BIG trouble in figuring out that SPECIAL one. l am not all perfect, i bet no one really is, but i am all you would ever need in a REAL man. I am in a CLASS of my own. Looking for that SPECIAL one of the kind, never plan to change you, no thats never my style. i will make you better everyday truly fit for the KING that i am. I am the king of my castle, in a class and world of my own. Look no further to be taken to the next level, I am your next level. if you are truly sure you are that ONE, let's talk. For those flashing their asses and boobs in my face, well I appreciate your type of expression, well but asses and boobs don't thrill me, seen it all, been there, done it all. Your beauty got to come from the inside out. I appreciate you beautiful 20 something year olds winking me and all, but I can't touch you, not ready to baby sit you right now, you're mentality will be too young for me, many of you still amused in drawing pictures on your bodies, arms and legs (tatoos) and acupuncture of a kind (body piercing) in this very serious world. Not being Judgmental, never, but Tatoos, ass & boobs showing, six packs etc don't pay the bills. I have always known that diamonds, gold, sapphires, rubies etc are hardly found on the surface of the earth, you got to get your hands dirty and dig and dig, and dig, and dig and also sieve to separate the grain from the chaff to get that which is precious. To find something precious, you truly have to LOOK to FIND, you don't FIND anything you were not looking for. so, I am digging and getting my hands dirty, and also looking and i will surely, surely FIND. (Trying to edit and upload a better picture of myself, just not working, be patient will get it done somehow)

Looking for a Woman between 30 and 45 years.

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