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Are you an honest, truly looking for love lady? Do you fit the below long note? If so, please INBOX me your contact details HERE or better even text/call me on o/saba/tano/tano/sita/o/tano/sita/tatu/o and let's blow away the solitude. Please don't just wink or add to friendship. It'll only end there....and at the end, I'll regrettably unfriend you.....

I'm a simple, slim, lightweight, God fearing man, divorced father of two who live with their mother.

I'm here hoping to find a God fearing, immaterial, an "all together beautiful woman". And for me, "extra" is more beautiful. However, I believe that no matter how "extra" a lady is, it is just but a small part of the whole her. The most important beauty is beneath the skin.

I hope, therefore, to find a woman that I'll not only be attracted to because of her physical beauty (the complexion, the curves, a bumpy chest and a sexy butt). True, it all starts at the looks. But aren't looks almost always deceiving?

That is why I want to know and love more than just your looks dear; I wanna love your spirit, heart, mind....I want to be in love with the whole you.

For me, it is more of who you are inside; that woman who exist inside you is the woman I'd rather know more. Physically attractive, yes. But more importantly, am out for respect, including self (dignity). For love (hoping it still does exist here on this side of the sun). For understanding. For tolerance. For honesty. For the truth always. For forgiveness when am wrong (imperfect as I am). For acceptance of mistakes made and correction....

Am not searching for one who is perfect. Far from it. No one is. I'm not. Just for an honest and sincere woman ready to open up to me about her fears, her dreams, her scars, her struggles, her thoughts....

Not that I promise I'll solve them for her. But I'll offer companionship and a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on.

I crave for a woman who will not only offer me her curves (- woh! ...curves are sexy too and I'd look forward to seeing them every morning, noon and night!-) and all, but first the person inside herself. I need love not lust. For when it is lust, women will only want my body (and more so my thin wallet) and then leave the inside me crying....ikikaukanga!

I prefer a christian one with a young kid, whichever gender, and willing to have more. Plus not a drunkard. Please note my preffered age limit above.

Also please note that I have had a past, punctuated by both beautiful and not so beautiful "seasons". But who hasn't had one, anyway?

If you feel like I might be the one you are here for, please inbox me your contacts and let's hit the road running....teke-teke!

Looking for a Woman between 30 and 45 years.

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