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Not sure if my expectations are too much but would wish to settle immediately with a serious lady whether employed or not so long as responsible,focused,caring, has passion for cooking, allergic to smoke and dirt,in her natural color and not a captive of beauty as I believe it is a transient attribute.
The wife designate should be impeccably honest.
It will be my duty to keep the woman of my life cheerful at all moments of our life.
I will be kissing her every morning and evening.
A lady that is ripe for marriage and cannot beat,bite or bully me because of money should inbox me.

Make a move to see the change as time is not on my side.
No intention of opening T.V for pet to watch movies as a child can learn to operate it within a short time!
I am mature so just be courageous to contact me so that we discuss in privacy.

Looking for a Woman between 18 and 80 years.

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