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What can I say about myself? Here goes-

I'm very much an outdoors girl. I like keeping fit and love nothing more than an early morning run to start my day, followed by a chai latte from my local cafe. I like to be social but am by no means a party girl. Dinner with friends, a couple of glasses of wine at a funky bar or an afternoon BBQ and I'm happy. Whilst I can truly appreciate a nice, fine dining experience on special occasions, I'd much rather go to a yummy Thai or cosy little Italian restaurant. I also love staying at home and cooking something tasty and healthy.
I have travelled quite a bit, both with work and on holidays- United States, UK, Europe, Asia. I've had many great experiences in my travels and hope to have more great experiences in the future.

I am a very honest, loyal and respectful person. I am also a hopeless romantic

I consider myself very lucky, I have a really great job that I love and meet lots of people. I have a beautiful family and fantastic friends. I'd just like to meet someone special I can share all of this with...

Looking for a Man between 18 and 80 years.

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